SCORE has many workshops, templates, tools, and online resources to help people who are looking at going into business or have a running business. Here are some women and veterans may find useful.


This is a workshop focused on market feasibility.  Is there significant consumer interest and will they act on that interest by buying?  Am I unique in expectations on price or on the quality of the product what I will offer or are there competitors who have already created the consumer’s /service experience, or both?  If so, is there room for my business so that I can prosper?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mandatory and there are no "right answers" because social media is not just a moving target.  It is an accelerating series of targets based on the wide variety of audience dynamics. This is a podcast interview with “experts” talking simply about the complexities.


Leading effectively, creating innovative change, without causing morale issues is difficult inside any organization.  Too cautious--nothing happens but another version of the current situation. Too bold--the casualty list grows and trust evaporates. This webinar is a case study approach that addresses building an innovative culture of mutual trust.

Think you are leading but others just not following as you had anticipated; this webinar focuses on leading when you (and your team) face adversity.

Webinars and workshops—mining for coaching gold:

This link is your entrance point to a SCORE combination of webinars from business plans to finance to more marketing and sales coaching—lots there to help you with whatever building blocks need to be either created or updated.