Welcome to the information for Greater Twin Cities area small business owners and candidate owners who need an overview of how to start and run a business in Minnesota.  This is the background for you to deal with your SCORE mentor.  These PDF documents can be displayed or downloaded and printed.

SCORE Websites

SCORE has a number of websites for various purposes. SCORE Website Information PDF has a list of these sites.

SCORE Background Information

St. Paul SCORE is part of a large national organization that provides many services to small business.  SCORE_websites_and_general_info.pdf includes many statistics and facts about SCORE.

Are You Ready (to start a business)?

SCORE is aimed at helping all small businesses, but especially at helping inexperienced people get started. Are_You_Ready.pdf has a set of questions for potential business people to assess their readiness to start a business.  A longer pre-business startup help guide is at Pre-Business-Startup_Clients-11-13-12.pdf.

Small Business Administration Minnesota Information

The Small Business Administration maintains the Minnesota Resource Guide for businesses in Minnesota.  The guide is available at https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/2020-05/SBA-MN_2020-508.pdf .

SBA Loan Programs

The SBA provides a large variety of guaranteed loan programs to help finance small businesses.  An overview of these programs is at https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/files/Loan_Chart_HQ_February_2017_Version_B_0_1.pdf

Minnesota Dept. of Employment and Economic Development

The Department of Employment and Economic Development has a website with information and guides for businesses in Minnesota.  An overview of their website is Dept_Employment_and_Economic_Development_1.pdf.

SCORE and LivePlan Overview

SCORE provides many ways to generate a business plan that will help you define your ideas and explain your business to others.  One way is with software tools and a popular one of those is LivePlan from Palo Alto Software, which replaces Business Plan Pro which SCORE St. Paul has used for years.  An overview of LivePlan is in LivePlan and SCORE St. Paul One Page Brochure.pdf.

IRS Information for Small Businesses

Taxes are a major topic of business and the IRS provides a lot of information on that.  IRS_Info_Client_Folder.pdf describes some of what  the IRS has.  Also, there is a 2018 version of  a short list of materials from the IRS IRS-Resources-For-Small-Business-Owners-2018_2.pdf

Legal Advice from LegalCORPS

Legal advice is often needed in business.  St. Paul SCORE works with LegalCORPS to make available free brief advice.  They are described in LegalCORPS_Handout_and_Calendar.pdf  However, due to COVID-19, the scheduled clinics are not running.  See https://stpaul.score.org/resource/free-small-business-legal-advice-score-st-paul for more information.

Quick Start Guide for Starting a Business

SCORE St. Paul has developed a Quick Start Guide for Starting a Business, and provides that at SCORE_QuickStart_Guide_for_Starting_a_Business_1.pdf.

How to really Start Your Own Business Booklet

Inc. Magazine and The Company Corporation have teamed up to provide a detailed plan for starting a business at SCORE-Really-Start-Business-2013.pdf

Franchising - A Proven Way to Start a Business

SCORE and FranNet have worked together to produce this brochure on franchising at Franchising-SCORE- Roadmap.pdf

Client Resource Guide

SCORE Twin CitiesClient Resource Guide has prepared a PDF that contains links to dozens of resources for small businesses in the St. Paul area and in western Wisconsin.  Click here for a page about the guide.  

Contact Us with any Issues

This page will always be under development and changing, to keep up with the Life of Your Business and the nature of the web.  Please send comments on this page through  the Contact Us link on this page, and mention they are to be sent to the Webmaster.

Information for SCORE St. Paul Clients