Problem: Many companies, universities and governmental agencies need gases or other materials in their research and production operations. However, separating that specific material is energy intensive and, in many cases, very expensive.

Challenge:  Develop a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective way to separate the needed materials from other components and to do so in a way that meets purity specifications.          

Solution:  With an understanding that an enormous market exists for separation processes, Dr. Andy Tsai and his wife Dr. Siu-Yue Tam started T3 Scientific in 2004. They developed more innovative ways to separate hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other materials that were required in both production and laboratory fields.

My Successes: 

Business Description: T3 Scientific has their office/lab in Blaine Minnesota. Their primary business is membrane separation technology. They are currently collaborating with small and large businesses as well as universities on projects to develop new and more innovative membrane separation technologies.

Grants/Awards: T3 Scientific has been awarded eleven separate governmental grants for their cutting-edge technologies. Even before the formation of the company, their patented membrane technology was named one of the major breakthroughs in research by Euromembrane. More recently, the company was awarded the prestigious Tekne Award for 2014 in the Advanced Manufacturing category.

The Future:  The long-range goal is to continue to expand the business with their new products and to develop new innovations in separation technologies.

How SCORE Helped: 

SCORE’s Involvement:  After a few years in business, Andy and Siu-Yue realized that they had certain questions related to business in general. They learned that SCORE provided free business assistance and decided to contact the St. Paul chapter. Bob Reid, who has a Chemical Engineering education and a background in technical consulting, was assigned as their mentor. Bob was able to answer their business questions and assist with editing grant proposals.

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What's Great About My Mentor?: 

“SCORE makes high quality business advice available to small businesses like ours. Bob’s advice has been instrumental in our decision making.” – Dr. Siu-Yue Tam, Co-Owner.

T3 Scientific, LLC