Problem: Residential and commercial washing machine installations are subject to water damage problems, which can be very expensive for the architect, contractor and property owner.

Challenge: Knowing that such costly problems often occur, it is important to be proactive in the design and construction stages to alleviate the potential inconvenience, mess and expense that could result from washing machine overflow.

Solution: Offer a simple, easy-to-install product that can virtually eliminate the cost of clean-up and corresponding property damage resulting from washing machine faulty hook-ups, disconnects and overflows. 

My Successes: 

Projects: SPDP’s main business is with large residential/commercial projects on which multiple washing machines are installed. 

The Future:  Even though competition has increased substantially in the past four years, SPDP & Solutions has experienced a 400% increase in sales during that period and will be introducing several complementary product innovations in the near future. 

How SCORE Helped: 

Even though Lisa knew what the moisture mitigation business was all about, she felt a need to learn more about working with key industry people. She learned of SCORE through a friend and requested free mentoring. With a background in distribution and working with industrial reps, Greg Ochs was assigned as Lisa’s mentor. He helped Lisa build a more effective, more knowledgeable rep network for the company’s products. He also helped open doors with the people who write the specifications within engineering and architectural firms.    

See the PDF file for this Success Story.

What's Great About My Mentor?: 

“Greg’s help with getting productive reps was important at a very critical time and his background in working with architects and contractors was instrumental in helping me build the business.” - Lisa Granse Weglewski, Owner

SPDP & Solutions, LLC