Problem: Hunger is a problem that has been addressed in many different ways including local, regional, national, and worldwide initiatives. But, despite our best efforts, it continues to be an ever-expanding problem that is looking for unique and innovative solutions.

Challenge: To discover and implement ways to provide for those in need.

Solution:  Three approaches…by:     

  • Fighting hunger around the world;
  • Providing marketing opportunities for participating restaurants; and,
  • Helping food shelves and other providers raise funds and awareness for their causes.
My Successes: 

Projects: In the first full year of operation, eatiply™ donated over 300,000 meals to charity by working with restaurants in Minnesota, Arkansas, and Washington.

The Future: Woodbury’s goal is to expand to all 50 states and to have at least 50 participating restaurants in each state. He is seeking an initial round of financing to expedite growth and to greatly increase the number of meals that can be donated to charity partners.  Also, Mr. Woodbury plans to launch another related concept called drinkiply™ which will work on the same partnership concept as eatiply™ but will provide clean drinking water to people in developing countries.

How SCORE Helped: 

See the MS Word file for this Success Story.

What's Great About My Mentor?: 

“SCORE, and especially Doug Petersen, have been a great resource for the launch and growth of eatiply™. SCORE is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs in all stages of development.” – David Woodbury, Owner.

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