Frequently Asked Questions

SCORE provides expert guidance and assistance to thousands of start-up and existing businesses, just like you. Our goal is for you to receive the help you seek and be successful in your business.

How much does it cost for SCORE mentoring?


How do I request a mentor?

Go to the "Find a Mentor" page.

How is the mentor assigned?

Based on the information you provide, we will assign a mentor whose experience and knowledge best fits your needs. It’s important to provide detailed information about your company and your needs in order to make the best fit. Mentors are assigned on Monday mornings, and they will contact you within 48 hours of assignment.

Who are SCORE mentors?

Retired and active business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who are committed to helping you grow a successful business.

Does SCORE provide legal advice?

You can receive free, brief legal advice through the LegalCORPS clinic at the Associated Bank office on Tuesday afternoons.

Does SCORE provide loans or investments?

SCORE mentors can help strengthen your business plan, increasing the likelihood of obtaining bank loans, and other financing.

How often can I meet with a SCORE mentor, and how long does the relationship last?

You can meet with your SCORE mentor as many times as you like, but you’ll have to work out a schedule that works for both of you. The duration of the relationship is also under your control.

Will SCORE mentors do the work for me, such as creating a business plan?

No, they will answer your questions, maybe do a bit of drafting on something, and help you do the rest.

Can I hire a SCORE mentor, or will they try to sell me anything?

See the SCORE Code of Ethics for the details, but generally, no.

Can I receive counseling before opening a business?

Certainly. In fact, it is recommended that you build a plan and review it with your mentor before you start your business.

Can my established, growing company receive counseling?

Absolutely. Our mentors enjoy helping you get more business and happiness from your life at work in any stage of small business. The SBA asks us to limit our help to “small businesses” but they define that as pretty large. 

Will SCORE mentors provide me with a business idea?

Generally, this is an area SCORE mentors aren’t very good at. In order to go through the trials and tribulations of starting a business, you need to be highly motivated. Answering the question “What motivates you?” will be something you can handle better than a mentor.

How long does it take to start my new business?

With help from your mentor, you can start a new business very quickly. The mentor will send you the necessary links to process the paperwork quickly.

How much do the SCORE seminars cost?

The cost varies by SCORE chapter and topic. Many online webinars and on-site seminars are free. The price, if any, is in the registration form.